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The term chemical may not have a very positive ring to it, but at Strong Industries, we have redefined the whole meaning of the term. When we say chemicals, we do not mean harsh and harmful liquids, we mean smart products that are neither too dangerous for your health nor too risky for the surface or fabric they are applied to. Take a look at our finest range of high quality chemicals for commercial as well as residential cleaning and sanitization needs.

The heart of the cleaning system is Strong Industries’ dry cleaning compound, consisting of renewable natural (green & organic) materials:

chem-bullet free of phosphates
chem-bullet pH neutral
chem-bullet biodegradable active agents
chem-bullet pleasant fresh fragrance

A full range of Carpet Care products is completing the system, including the Strong Industries’ spot remover / pre-spray, and Strong Industries’ rust remover. The complete Strong Industries product range consists of ingredients of the highest quality whilst giving highest attention to environmental care, friendliness, effectiveness, and efficiency of performance.


Take a look at the complete list of cleaning chemicals and compounds that define the quality of our system.


Ultra Pro 2 n 1 Pre-Spray / Encap
Encapsulation chemicals are used to remove the soil as well as prevent it from accumulating again. Developed recently, these chemicals are considered among the most non-toxic and harmless cleaning products you can find. However, the most interesting quality is the way these chemical retain the softness and beauty of delicate material such as wool or stain resistant carpets.

Best For:
High-end luxury carpets or fabrics that require gentle cleaning and stain resistance capabilities

Usage Instructions:
Dilution is 1:10 for medium to heavy soil and 1:20 for light soil.
Green Chemistry



Ultra Pro Organic Dry Compound
At Strong Industries, we have mastered the art of dry/low moisture cleaning, and this is the most effective dry carpet cleaning chemical you are going to find in the market. It is a natural and soft cleaning compound that is, at the same time, safe and powerful, for all kinds of carpet cleaning needs. It is the fastest and most effective solution for areas with heavy traffic.

Best For:
Carpets and rugs in commercial areas with excessive foot traffic.

Usage Instructions:

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Green Chemistry



Ultra Pro Bonanza Heavy Duty Spot/Stain Remover
Strong Industries is proud to be the company that serves and equally satisfies commercial, residential, as well as industrial cleaning needs. Our products are not limited to everyday stains and dirt issues; our Bonanza Heavy Duty Spot Stain Remover is created to tackle stubborn stains such as grease and oil. Despite the industrial strength, the chemical softly preserves the shine and beauty of the carpet.

Best For:
Commercial Carpet cleaning needs for businesses such as restaurants

Usage Instructions:
Dilution is 1:10 for medium to heavy soil and 1:20 for light soil.

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Green Chemistry



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