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Product Catalog (all our products in one place )

Material Safety Data Sheets – “Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound”

Material Safety Data Sheets – “Bonanza Heavy Duty Stain and Spot Remover”

8 in 1 Uses Flyer “See what our equipment can do for you in a 1 page-easy-overview”

Carpet Cleaning Machine Model: TM4 – 15” width  “Information Flyer”

Carpet Cleaning Machine Model: TM5 – 20” width  “Information Flyer”

Carpet Cleaning Machine Model: TM4 Tandem – 2 x 15” width  “Information Flyer”

Bonanza Heavy Duty Stain & Spot Remover – Product and Information Flyer

Machine Blueprints and  Part Drawings for machine model: TM4, TM5, TM-HD and Tandem

Carpet Cleaning Machine’s Model: TM4, TM5, TM-HD, TM-Tandem  “Owner’s Manual”

RMAReturn Authorization Form (please download and use before making any returns or claims)

PSG Manual