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Strong Industries also takes care of the hard floor cleaning needs for businesses already doing or looking to cross over.  With the 8 in 1 Strong machine you hard floor cleaning goals are being met.







Interime-step1 Step 1: Remove the loose Soil
Before the deep cleaning starts, it is always recommended to eliminate all kinds of loose dirt and dust from the hard floor. You can remove the dry and loose soil with a bucket of water and mop.
Interime-step2 Step 2: Pre spray Hard Surface
Strong Industries brings you the highly effective Bonanza Hard Surface Cleaner. Our Bonanza Hard Surface Cleaner is designed to be used on most any type of hard floor surface such as tile and grout, PVC, profiled floors, natural stone. Dilute 1:10 and apply it to the hard floor surface. Scrub the tile thoroughly with dust covers/splash guards attached.
Interime-step1 Step 3: Remove the Dirty Soil
Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the hard surface, you may choose between using a wet/dry shop vac or use a bucket and mop to finish the job.
Interime-step4 Step 4: Be Amazed !
Take as much time as you need to appreciate the freshness and beauty of your immaculately clean and sanitized Hard Floor.