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Strong Industries is proud to be a company that has revolutionized carpet cleaning for cleaning businesses as well as their clientele. We are providing you the ability to satisfy your customers with a quick, cost-effective, and high quality cleaning service. While the effectiveness of our chemicals and equipments is unchallenged, we go out of our way to provide you with the best consultancy and support when it comes to improving your business functions and process.

In order to help you get the best value for your money, here are step-by-step instructions to ensure that you are able to make the most out of our Strong cleaning system.


insentive-step1 Step 1: Eliminate the Loose Dirt
It is important to prepare the carpet/surface for the cleaning by removing the dry and loose soil using the renovator/collector attachments or use a commercial grade vacuum cleaner.
 insentive-step2 Step 2:  Prepare the Surface
For medium to heavy soiled areas, dilute 1:10 and apply the Naturally Strong Pre Spray followed by an application of Naturally Strong – Dry Carpet Cleaner Compound on heavy traffic lanes, spots, and stains. Agitate in all four directions of the carpet fiber with the Strong CRB machine.
insentive-step3 Step 3: Collect the Soiled Compound
Use the renovator attachment to collect the saturated/soiled compound from carpet surface. Remove dust covers from the machine and attach renovators/collector. You can remove Naturally Strong Dry Carpet Cleaner Compound from carpet with the same machine, or use our commercial grade vacuum cleaner.
insentive-step4 Step 4: From Clean to Crystal Clean
This is an optional step but we highly recommend it to ensure the finest and freshest cleaning service. Apply Naturally Strong Crystal Cleaner and /or Naturally Strong Odor Eliminator to brighten and the carpet and eliminate odors for a fresh scent.
insentive-step5 Step 5: Hit the Heavy-Duty Stains

This step is usually required for commercial carpet cleaning for areas with heavy foot traffic or a higher risk of resoiling. Apply the Naturally Strong Bonanza for removal of the toughest of stains such as grease.

insentive-step6  Step 6: Be Amazed
Take as much time as you need to appreciate the freshness and beauty of your immaculately clean and sanitized carpet.