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I own a 20\” CRB and its a great tool. I used my grumpy today, and finished up with the CRB. Worked very nicely.

Tom Dykie

It\’s been year and a half, I bought my CRB it is Strong but I didn\’t buy it from JD, I paid like 500 less on line it didn\’t have the big \”strong\” sticker does it, but in the back the little plate said \”Strong\” anyhow, great machine we use it everyday, we bought extra brushes gray a little more aggressive and black for Tile & grout, we do encap. using as a vacuum, remove hair easy, etc. one time a got a call back I sent my helper with my vehicle, the CRB and a spray bottle, DONE! so I didn\’t have to move the whole Van and get behind schedule.

All CC. tools are overprice like 3 to 6 times, that\’s the way it is.

My CRB, It is already paid off now

Carlo B

I have a strong CRB in the 15\”. Great machine. The only dislike I have about it is the handle is a bit janky. Other than that its a workhorse. I use it almost every day.

James Blackburn

Strong CRB mach, love this mach. I used it on carpet and tile and also a vacuum to pick up deep down hair and sand, it put you in a different league in cleaning. I have a lot of hour on that mach. so far so good. no problem.

I give it a 9/10 JMO


I use my Strong CRB on every job. I vary rarely need to use a spotter on high traffic area because of it. I also use it on encap jobs.


Hey Marcus,

We received our shipment a few weeks ago

The tandem bar was awesome – we blew out a commercial cleaning job in 1/2 the time.
Thank you,

Doll Bros.
Don Doll

My father and I were looking to start a business and researched many options.

We eventually settled on carpet cleaning.

Through many searches, I came upon Strong Dry and was intrigued. I was of course skeptical of the process and machine, however once I received it, I was amazed at how well the system cleaned.

My customers, many of whom had never heard of this method or machine were shocked to find how well it works. The immediate dry time and how beautiful the carpets looked when I finished impressed them.

Not only is the process a good selling point for the machine, but it is also very versatile allowing for pile-lifting, tile cleaning and carpet cleaning. I know I made the best decision when I decided to purchase this system.

Jimmy Walker
Earth Dry

Hi Marcus, just wanted to let you know how much I like the carpet cleaning system I got from you. It does a great job and makes my life a lot easier. I use the CRB to dry clean,pre scrub,encap and groom. I started my carpet cleaning service in 1988, I have used just about every cleaning system out there and I am always looking for ways to improve. I love the equipment that I got from you and by the way, I have used just about every spotter on the market and the Bonanza spotter that I got from you is simply the best that I have used, excellent product.


John Lewis
Aromatic Co
Topeka KS

Hi Marcus,

Low moisture carpet cleaning is truly the new and improved way to maintain carpets in a commercial or residential setting. I use encapsulation and dry compound in combination or either or.

The trick is to know how to use your chemicals using the machine is the easy part. High traffic areas require using the bonanza with the dry compound it’s like taking an eraser to those high traffic areas and erasing them right out.

Also I use encapsulation for my commercial accounts and also for residential cleaning jobs carpets are ready in minutes and customers are amazed at how clean there carpets are.

I offer both hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning jobs and when I started using low moisture cleaning in my commercial accounts I noticed the carpets do not have embedded stains or look worn down. When I come back to clean them with the hot water extraction, after a few years of heavy traffic carpets start to look worn out. I am a believer of this system because I have put it to test and it works. –

Santiago Ramirez
Hi Tech Home Services
El Paso, TX

Hi Marcus,

I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I appreciate that you got back to me quickly with the answer to my question.

I also wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Strong CRB machine I bought from Jon Don. I have been using it in all aspects of my business.

I use it to agitate the pre-spray when I’m using my truckmount. I love how it not only does a great job pre- scrubbing the carpet but also picks up all the hair and other particles that were left in the carpet from the pre-vacuuming.

I also have a lot of janitorial work and its been great because of its size to just give it to one of my guys and and they can fit in their car and clean the carpets very quickly at the same time there doing the daily cleaning.

In my rug shop it does a great job pre-scrubbing the rugs and has plenty of power and starts right up even on the thickest of rugs.

Thanks again for a great product and follow up customer service.

Mario DiGiovanni

Premier Cleaning Solutions
Cary, IL

Hey Marcus,

Just wanted to drop you a note saying how I love my Strong Dry CRB. The machine seems to be very well built, nice and heavy for only 55 lbs. I use this to pre-scrub most of my jobs. Cannot believe the difference in the traffic lanes. I also use this for tile and grout, much easier than a 20\” orbital with brushes. I also use your Bonanza as a spotter on carpet, additional treating to traffic areas and heavily soiled areas. Also, I use this as my tile and grout pre-spray. Very happy with everything.

Thanks again

Gerry Miller
Gems Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC.

Hi Marcus,

I have used two similar carpet cleaning compounds for the past 5 years and believed they did a pretty good job, but I am truly amazed that your Strong carpet cleaning product is actually superior to both.

It applies easily and cleans better because your product appears to have greater penetrating power. It cleans all the way down to the carpet backing, where a lot of greasy dirt is trapped.

This might be because the diameter of the cellulose particles is smaller, or it could be that the solution is better, but it is a superior carpet cleaning product.

I certainly recommend professional carpet cleaners to try it because I know they will like the results – plus the price is great too. More good product for less $$$ means more profit for us!

We purchased the Strong Carpet Cleaning Machine several weeks ago to replace an aging T-6 machine. I have been quite satisfied with its performance: It is very smooth, quiet, easy to maintain and does a terrific job cleaning the dirtiest carpets. It\’s a real hummer. We will include the Strong machine as part of our new distributor’s package.


Tim Bagby, President/CEO
Greenway Carpet Care, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL

Hi Marcus

Late one last night, one of the nastiest carpets ever, tried my new machineon it. The first pass pretty much almost filled the renovators. Then we sprayed the bonanza pretty liberally to the floor and took the machine back over it, you could see a difference but it had a long way to go. We did try to steam clean it at this time and could get it clean but it was taking way too much time so we got out the scrubber and bonnet again using the bonanza then a quick steam clean and they could not believe the results.

Anyway, I\’ve been cleaning carpets for over twenty years and have always thought that there was no better way of cleaning than HWE. About a year ago I ran into one of the dirtiest carpets I had ever seen I was the third or fourth company they had called and the only one willing to give it a shot. Normally in these situations I would shampoo the carpet then HWE, but I knew I needed something extra. Now I had heard going to different seminars the wonders of encapsulants and other dry cleaning chemicals and I had been willing to give them a shot so I started suffering the web and I found Marcus at Strong Dry, he introduced me to a product called Bonanza and the results have been amazing. I used it to bonnet clean that nasty carpet with 1/3 the water of shampooing. I still steam cleaned it after and nobody would confuse it for new carpet ,but I could not have a happier customer. Since then I have never shampooed another carpet only bonnets with bonanza and it has never disappointed I have recently purchased a CRB machine to provide a total dry cleaning option for my customers so I guess you can say you taught an old dog a new trick just wanted to say thanks.

Dave DiFalco
Advanced Floor Care