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Upholstery Cleaning Instructions

Unloack the handle and pump up until reaching the necessary working pressure of 1-2 bar. Then press down the handle again and screw-lock. There is no advantage of having a higher pressure.(Check the working speed on the power tool (speed 3)).

Preparing the dry-foam: use a bucket, switch on the power tool, press the discharge valve and watch out for the correct dry-foam formation.

Attention: before the actual foam formation, some liquid PSI will come out. Only after a few seconds the right foam consistency will develop.

Now the upholstery cleaning machine is ready for use. Please observe that very vigorous brushing (pressing too hard) is not needed for efficient cleaning results; it may rather lead to fiber entanglements. Brushing with gentle pressure is all that is needed.

Step 3
Once the dry-foam has the right consistency, start with the actual cleaning.

Brush-in carefully with the PSG machine watching out for proper foam development. The amount of dry-foam needed (for stopping it just release the discharge valve) will depend on the degree of soiling and quality of the fabrics. As the upholstery is brushed, the loosened dirt will be coated and encapsulated

After the necessary drying time of 30-60 minutes, just vacuum up the crystaline residue or brush it out gently.


Step 4
After the cleaning make sure to depressurize the tank by one of the two options:

a) Pull the safety valve
b) Carefully unloack and unscrew the pump

Always rinse the brushing machine, the tanks the hoses with clean water.