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Strong Industries Product Warranty


  1. All Strong Industries machines come with a 1/2 limited warranty (1 year on the machine and 2 years on the motor) as of January 1st, 2016. The warranty applies to all original Strong Industries Extraction Cleaning Machines used in the U.S. when purchased from a Strong Industries Authorized Distributor, Affiliate or directly from Strong Industries Corp United States, machines are warranted by the local Distributors.
  2. This machine is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used solely for the purpose of pile lifting, encapsulation, agitation, organic compound of carpets or hard floor use. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only. If the machine is sold, transferred, traded or lost, this Warranty shall be void and no longer valid.
  3. In the event of failure of a part or parts within 1 year of the machine or 2 years of the motor from original purchase date and upon inspection by the Manufacturer or Manufacturer’s Representative to determine that failure is due to defective materials or workmanship, such defective will be repaired or replaced at the Manufacturer’s expense.
  4. This warranty neither covers damages resulting from catastrophe, fault or negligence of third parties including, but not limited to, user neglect or abuse, or shipping damage, nor does it cover expendable parts subject to normal wear. Any modification to the equipment by the customer will void the warranty and Strong Industries Corp will have no further obligation to the Purchaser under this warranty. Parts that are not considered under warranty and are classified as maintenance/wear and tear include, but are not limited to:
– Gears – Outlet cover
– Brushes – Rubber bumpers
– Capacitors – Handle stop
– Ball bearings – Handle stop spring
– Screws – Cable holders
– Protective plate – Brush axles

If one of the maintenance/wear and tear parts breaks within 45 days, we kindly request that you provide the manufacturer with the serial number and a detailed report of the issue before any action is taken. A response will be provided within 1-2 business days.

Extended Warranty Information

  1. All Strong Industries’ machines sold on or after January 1st, 2016 are eligible for the extended warranty which includes:
    a. 3 year / 6 year limited warranty*
    b. 1 set of free gears per year, per machine; for length of warranty**
    c. 1 set of free brushes per year, per machine; for length of warranty**
    d. 4 hours free repair for accidental damages not covered under warranty per year, per machine; for length of warranty***
    e. 1 replacement refurbished machine UPS/Fed Ex 2ND Day Air per year, per machine; for length of warranty in the event your machine goes down on the job and you need it immediately.****
  2. To enroll in the extended warranty program, please contact your authorized Strong Industries’ dealer and they will
    provide you with a warranty program number to confirm enrollment.
  3. In order for this warranty to maintain validity, at least 2 cases and/or pails from Strong Industries’ chemistry line must be purchased monthly per machine for the length of the extended warranty through an authorized Strong Industries dealer.* 3 years on the machine, 6 years on the motor

** All shipment costs must be paid by third party
*** Damage repairs per hour must not exceed $50/hr, parts are not included and shipments costs must be paid by third party
**** When the original purchased machine has been repaired, the refurbished machine must be returned to an authorized Strong Industries dealer or Strong Industries Corp main headquarters within 3 weeks of receipt of refurbished machine, unless the parts needed for repair are delayed due to lead times. The shipment costs for the refurbished machine will be covered by the manufacturer.